About Me

Hey, everyone! Glad you’re stumbling upon my blog! My name is Brandon and I am passionate about self-improvement and living a positive life. I’m all about spreading the chill, intellectual vibes while encouraging the people around me to live their best life. Together, we can achieve self-actualization, enlightenment, and conquer the world!!! No, but really. Inside Brandnamecarr.com, you will find lots of sub-blogs (if that’s an e-word).  I want to discuss social adventures, different tips and tricks to the self-improvement game, and allow the blog to serve as a personal tracker of my own goals, while connecting with those on the same journey globally.

Have you ever felt unsatisfied? Unhappy? Do you currently idolize someone for something they are/do by feeling unable to do the same thing? Is your life being overcome by jealousy, envy, unhappiness, or feeling of dissatisfaction? It’s important to realize that although unfortunate, it’s very natural. We’ve all seen the quotes which say that very few people actually LIVE. I used to roll my eyes at them for a while, until I realized they are correct. Why struggle through life in careers you dislike, surrounded by people who are miserable and/or are not supportive of your goals?

I feel for a long part of my life I have been as dedicated to achieving my highest point of greatness. Now, of course life is a never ending journey, there’s always something else to learn. However, I feel as if I’ve had steady periods of personal growth followed by a plateau. By identifying methods to keep the momentum going and areas of improvement, we can improve our lives and happiness and further enjoy our beautiful lives on earth, y’all. Forever on the come-up.

This blog-space will be dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for living the best us as well as some personal adventures, milestones, and development. By conquering productivity and positivity we can live a healthier and happier life, and I am here to create it for myself and inspire you to do the same. One of my biggest sources of this dedication to improvement is summarized by a quote I once heard which goes: “Find a way to make it happen, but if you can’t find a way, make one.” To me, this summarizes the ideal characteristics of a person, a go-getter, a badass. I strive for this fiercely bold persona in me, and I hope you too find the strength to live your best life.


I e-send you all the positive, encouraging vibes, reader.


Interested in connecting? Find me here:

Twitter: @Brandnamecarr

Instagram: @Brandnamecarr

Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/Brandnamecarr


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