Spring Semester 2015

Wow, the Spring semester has come and gone, and what a rough one it was! Where do I begin…

Well, at the beginning of the semester I began working as a Resident Assistant for UCF’s Tower 3 Community. It has been such a blessing to work on this staff, y’all.. This team is so dedicated to serving the residents and inspire me to be a better employee, student, and person every day. One thing I like about working in Tower 3 versus the more freshmen communities (where I worked before in an overnight role), is that I hardly received any phone calls in the middle of the night, and very rarely did we have any incidents! It’s been a dream. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to have some fun during our awesome programs too. One of the programs we did was an alcohol-awareness event. It was my job to walk around the room roofying (indicated by stickers on the bottoms of residents’ cups) our residents, which was funny! I got caught a few times, but all-in-all it was great to teach the resies about watching their drinks (they had water). In addition to that, we had an Earth Day program, which I got to DJ at! Woot woot! Can you say party?

This summer and continuing into Fall and Spring of this coming year, I’ll be staying in Tower 3 which I’m looking forward to. A few people on my staff had to move communities after being here for a long time, which made me sad 😦 But I know that we’ll be friends even though we won’t see each other like this past semester. #optimism, right?

Pi Kapp did really well during recruitment this semester, I believe! My Rush Crush joined another fraternity, sadly, but it’s all good! I’m really proud of our noobies and am excited for Fall recruitment. I really think I want a little brother this coming fall, but we shall see! Sadly, my big brother, Peter, graduated this semester and is now an alumni of our chapter. He graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and is now working at a hotel! He’s doing phenomenal and posts every other day about someone complementing his quality customer service. 🙂 Soon, I think I’m going to be trying to put together a summer recruitment schedule for the guys and see if we can attract a group of Summer B freshmen. Furthermore, I might look at running for a position on executive council for fall15-fall16 but we’ll see.

School was a little rough this semester. My classes pretty much sucked, and I realized that Political Science is not what I want to be doing with my life, or ever. I also retook a Chemistry class which I unfortunately failed before, and it was actually my highest grade…. Needless to say I am now going to be pursuing a degree in something businessy. There are many tactical advantages to this. To name a few, it’s very practical, I can take my degree and do more things with a degree in business than I can in Political science, and also it works with the way my brain thinks. I’m a numbers-oriented guy (which  makes a ton of sense seeing as how my dad is an engineer), so it works out! This summer I’m taking 2 classes in Summer A and 2 classes in Summer B, which is going to be SO FUN -eye roll-

For Summer B I’d like to find another job in addition to my RA role, but we’ll see what happens with that. I think it would be cool to get a serving job somewhere, but I have no experience in the food industry, in fact, the only thing I really have going for me is my experience in customer service from my housing jobs. Fingers crossed, I will figure it out sometime soon.

Summer is going to be a blast. It’s going to be a lot of personal growth on my part, I hope. This upcoming weekend, I’ll be spending time in Tampa for Sunset Music Festival 2015, which is basically an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival for 2 days on Memorial Day weekend. I think we’re going to have an awesome time! I’m also really exciting to go to Ybor City in Tampa, which to my understanding is a district with a lot of different clubs and whatnot. We’re going to a gay club (which usually isn’t my ideal location), but I’m excited, regardless.

Also on my agenda this summer is to do a lot of exploring Orlando. I feel like there are so many things/places/stuff to do and see in this town that I haven’t experienced yet and I want to! Something on my summer bucketlist is to do the Slingshot on International Drive. I can’t wait! Also, I’d like to go to the beach a lot (a very summer thing to do here in Florida). Definitely going to be playing some tennis and volleyball, reading, video gaming, and spending time with my friends, family, and dogs. Can’t wait!


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