Summer Daze

So. I’m back again. Pinky promise I’ll start writing more (I probably won’t, but here’s to trying). There’s something so fun about writing to me. The boyf and I just finished Jane the Virgin on Netflix (which I’ve watched for two years now). If you’ve never seen the show, first off, watch it! It’s a telenovela about a girl accidentally artificially inseminated and her struggles and triumphs from there on (all while making fun of telenovelas). The main character, Jane, is a writer, and there is something so inspiring to me about watching her tackle her problems (so that I don’t spoil anything if you fancy watching later), while keeping up with her aspirations to be a novelist. Now, I’m not saying that I could ever be a novelist, because I suck at plot development and describing things concisely, so either the book would be random and/or I would spend a majority of my pages overcompensating for my lack of plot by describing things. All-in-all, it would culminate in a horrible book. I’ll stick with blogging my innumerous thoughts and ambitions to you, reader, I suppose.

Life right now… Let’s talk.

  • Still waiting tables? yes. Loving it? most days. Last talk I was working at a British Pub in Orlando, well, I have news for you! I received a job at a nice restaurant at Disney World (I know, how, right?). Which has been pretty cool. It’s a seafood/steakhouse restaurant with a lot of randomly delicious dishes. I’m continually impressed with the culinary talent, I gotta tell ya. Our prices are a little expensive, which is good for the waitstaff: higher checks = higher tips. But our guests/customers get such a great value for their money. All but 1 item of our seafood selection comes in fresh daily, including 700 lobsters daily (did I mention it’s a huge restaurant)? And our steaks are aged for 40-50 days. Yummy. The only real downside to the job is that most of the restaurant is outside, and since I’m newer I get a lot of outside shifts. I’m doing OK with that, the real issue is the heat, and it’s Floridian counterpart: dinnertime rains.
  • School. So, I ended up not taking summer classes. Why? Idk. I didn’t want to. I mean, I started my new job and wanted to focus on that. Also just because sometimes you need to take a mental break to relax and do nothing for a while. Recharging the battery so to speak. It’s July 12th, I resume my education on August 21st, which. I’m not very excited about, but what else can I do? My semester ended up turning out good, yay, and now I’m just excited to be finished with school!
  • Bouncing off of that, I still have no idea what I’m doing when/if I finish, but I still have an interest in banking. I love office/desk jobs, because I like having my own space. Banking would be cool because of the hours and getting to talk to people all the time would energize me (most days). But, until I get the D (infer: diploma), I’ll be serving, and even after I get the D (again, infer: diploma), I still might be serving, and that’s ok too.
  • I rescued a dog during my spring break, which is kind of hilarious. I say rescued, but really I just bought him from a bunch of cubans on craigslist. He’s a two-year old dachshund (Weiner dog), who came crate-trained and potty-trained! He’s super cute and cuddly and loves to go for walks. I would say there is a funny-downside about him though, and that is that he doesn’t understand English commands. Living with people who spoke Spanish at home, he only knows commands and popular things to yell at dogs (food, water, come, fetch, sit, etc) in Spanish. The boyf is cuban and speaks perfect Spanish, so it all works out, I suppose. More of a reason for me to practice, right?

    Our dog, Bruno
  • Speaking of the boyf, ugh, he’s incredible. We’ve been together for a year now, which is a little crazy, and we had such an incredible time for our anniversary. So, firstly, we’re the most impatient people ever. We had our gifts for each other 2 weeks prior to our actual anniversary. This mofo was so impatient (because he picked out a drone that I got for him), and he wanted it ASAP, so he got it 2 weeks prior to our actual date, but it’s FINE…. I mean he did spoil me with an Apple Watch, so I guess we’re square. On our actual anniversary (which was a Thursday) we decided to have a beach day. For the whole year we’ve been together we’ve been talking about going to the beach, and we finally did it! We went to New Smyrna Beach (my favorite on the east coast FL), drank a whole 12-pack of Corona before 1:30PM (sorry, not sorry), swam a lot (I lost my sunglasses in the ocean RIP), and went to a bar on the beach too. Later that day, once we got home, we napped, then he took me to Outback for dinner (cue: aweeee). All-in-all, super fun day. But the real celebration was the next night….
  • I’ve always wanted to try the Capital Grille (read: fine dining steakhouse, next to the  British bar I worked at). So, me being in charge of planning things, I decided we were going to go there for a dinner. In our reservation, I noted that it was our anniversary, but didn’t expect the awesome treatment we got. We walked up to our booth and the tablecloth had been sprinkled with these little heart-shaped sequence  things and we had a hand-written note thanking us for celebrating with The Capital Grille. I ordered a glass of merlot and then the eatin’ began! We started with a calamari & the lobster/crab cakes. For our second course, we ordered a caprese salad with a 15-year aged balsamic vinegar (because it sounds fancy + I wanted to try it). For our entrees, I had a bone-in Ribeye, and Luis had a bone-in New York Strip with a wild caught, South African Lobster Tail (doesn’t that sound fancy?). Oh, forgetting to mention we also shared a side of truffle fries, which are just regular fries tossed in a truffle (rare mushroom) oil and some grated cheese and parsley on top, definitely recommend giving them a try, even if you’re not a mushroom fan. When we asked for our bill, we were given a dessert sampler and two free glasses of champagne to end the evening on a high note. It was lovely, food, service, and ambiance completely. If I do restaurants forever, I want to work somewhere like Capital Grille because of the sheer awesomeness of the experience!
    Table decs
    Table Decorations + our card from Capital
    Delicious Calamari
    Lobcrab Cakes
    Lobster & Crab Cakes
    Bone-in Ribeye
    Bone-in NY Strip with Porcini Rub & Lobster tail + Truffle Fries

    Anniversary Dessert Sampler + champagne toast


This is the part of Jane the Virgin where the narrator ends the recap of what’s happened so far, and let’s the story carry out as it will, and I’m thinking it’s the same for me.


Till next time, friends.






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