2017 Recap!

Hello, everybody! I’m back, aren’t you so proud of me? No, I do plan on beginning to blog more, I have a lot to talk about in regards to future plans. With New Years on the horizon, I’m very excited to begin setting goals for 2018. I love the holidays for that reason. The older I get, I realize it’s all about spending time with family and friends, eating EVERYTHING, and reflecting on what is ahead.

This year has been amazing and full of tremendous growth. I feel that this year I finally developed as a student and as a budding professional and I’m excited to see where 2018 will take that version of myself. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I began working at an upscale restaurant in Disney Springs. While working, I had the privilege of meeting someone who completely inspired me to chase after my wildest aspirations and encourage those around me to do the same. Complete personality 360. I think I can write a whole post about all the different ways this person challenged me (though they didn’t know it) to be better, and I’m excited to carry on pursuing that better image of myself. She discusses living the ‘laptop lifestyle’ which is a means of earning a living through your laptop, and thus being able to do what you want, i.e. travel, create art, whatever. Additionally, learning to be a more positive person. This person inspired me to realize that we’re not on earth for a long time, so we should always be positive.  I feel that I have a post coming relating to my whole ‘enlightenment’ but to summarize (for now) I want to develop a blog presence and contribute more actively (for real, this time). I’ll elaborate on the post another time, as I find the information to be AMAZING!

School this semester was incredible too. I changed my major to be a part of the Integrated Business program at UCF, which in essence is a general business degree, only much better. The best description I’ve heard is an “undergraduate MBA.” The IB program forces it’s cohorts to work closely in teams to complete not only intense group projects but also rigorous coursework as an individual. I had an amazing first semester in the program, and earned a 3.4 GPA. That alone I am so proud of, as I have struggled to get grades that ‘decent’ up until starting this program. I attribute my success in the program to all the classes being held in-person. Remember, most of my classes in the College of Business were held in lecture-capture (meaning I could watch the lecture from my computer, complete the homework, and call it a day). Old me thought this was the bees’ knees, but new me recognizes there is an important piece of the face-to-face instruction and I know there are studies that say instruction should be in-person. After completing my first semester in IB, I could not agree more.

This semester, I took a course about Sales, a Foundations of IB class, Small Business Development, Managerial Economics, and my final Professional Development class. My sales class was an amazing experience, as I feel that I got to learn valuable things about a profession that I’m sincerely interested in. I’ll have to discuss more about remote sales in my laptop lifestyle post, but I was able to deduce that there are positions that allow you to make Sales Representative money, while working remotely (GOALS). My Foundations class reminded me of a training course for IB. It covered basic foundational soft-skills and was very engaging. My professor always brought us snacks and treats, which might have been a consolation for her rigorous grading, but I feel that it helped me learn to pay more attention to detail, so I suppose alls well that ends well, right? Small Business Development I had a fun time in, being that I was able to create a pretend small business and go through the initial design phases of the project. I, of course, created a restaurant which served Italian food at a quick and affordable price, but without sacrificing on quality. Perhaps one day it will become a real venture, but for now the idea is tabled (no pun intended). Managerial economics was one of those classes I started out understanding very well, as it is math-based, and then about midway through the semester it turned for the worst. We began discussing this concept called “game theory” and for those of you who know/understand it, you can sympathize with my pain, for those who are unaware, STAY THAT WAY. I really enjoyed my professor, however. He is a very well-educated Italian man, who had a sarcastic sense of humor but genuinely cared for his students. I’ve complained plenty about the professional development classes, yet I’ve found this fourth and final one to be a little reminiscing. As I am approaching graduation (which I’ll discuss in my next paragraph) I’m beginning to reflect a lot about my last five years in the magical land called UCF.

So, speaking of the darned topic, graduation. Summer 2018. For real. No more delays. I’m taking 4 classes this upcoming spring, three in the summer, then I’ll be walking across the stage, at long last… I’m not sure what comes after August, however. I want to take some time off to reflect and vegetate, to be honest. But, knowing myself, I would be so bored. Anyhoo, we will walk together as I strive for this sweet victory, assuming I stay active here, you will know how my future unfolds as it does.

Moving onwards, family is still great, boyfriend is still good. Bruno (the Weiner dog) is still great, although he has a case of the fleas currently. Luis and I went to Cuba in August, which I owe you a post about, I know.

My goal is to majorly restructure my site, but till then, Tata.


Much love,




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