2017 Recap!

Hello, everybody! I’m back, aren’t you so proud of me? No, I do plan on beginning to blog more, I have a lot to talk about in regards to future plans. With New Years on the horizon, I’m very excited to begin setting goals for 2018. I love the holidays for that reason. The older I get, I realize it’s all about spending time with family and friends, eating EVERYTHING, and reflecting on what is ahead.

This year has been amazing and full of tremendous growth. I feel that this year I finally developed as a student and as a budding professional and I’m excited to see where 2018 will take that version of myself. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I began working at an upscale restaurant in Disney Springs. While working, I had the privilege of meeting someone who completely inspired me to chase after my wildest aspirations and encourage those around me to do the same. Complete personality 360. I think I can write a whole post about all the different ways this person challenged me (though they didn’t know it) to be better, and I’m excited to carry on pursuing that better image of myself. She discusses living the ‘laptop lifestyle’ which is a means of earning a living through your laptop, and thus being able to do what you want, i.e. travel, create art, whatever. Additionally, learning to be a more positive person. This person inspired me to realize that we’re not on earth for a long time, so we should always be positive.  I feel that I have a post coming relating to my whole ‘enlightenment’ but to summarize (for now) I want to develop a blog presence and contribute more actively (for real, this time). I’ll elaborate on the post another time, as I find the information to be AMAZING!

School this semester was incredible too. I changed my major to be a part of the Integrated Business program at UCF, which in essence is a general business degree, only much better. The best description I’ve heard is an “undergraduate MBA.” The IB program forces it’s cohorts to work closely in teams to complete not only intense group projects but also rigorous coursework as an individual. I had an amazing first semester in the program, and earned a 3.4 GPA. That alone I am so proud of, as I have struggled to get grades that ‘decent’ up until starting this program. I attribute my success in the program to all the classes being held in-person. Remember, most of my classes in the College of Business were held in lecture-capture (meaning I could watch the lecture from my computer, complete the homework, and call it a day). Old me thought this was the bees’ knees, but new me recognizes there is an important piece of the face-to-face instruction and I know there are studies that say instruction should be in-person. After completing my first semester in IB, I could not agree more.

This semester, I took a course about Sales, a Foundations of IB class, Small Business Development, Managerial Economics, and my final Professional Development class. My sales class was an amazing experience, as I feel that I got to learn valuable things about a profession that I’m sincerely interested in. I’ll have to discuss more about remote sales in my laptop lifestyle post, but I was able to deduce that there are positions that allow you to make Sales Representative money, while working remotely (GOALS). My Foundations class reminded me of a training course for IB. It covered basic foundational soft-skills and was very engaging. My professor always brought us snacks and treats, which might have been a consolation for her rigorous grading, but I feel that it helped me learn to pay more attention to detail, so I suppose alls well that ends well, right? Small Business Development I had a fun time in, being that I was able to create a pretend small business and go through the initial design phases of the project. I, of course, created a restaurant which served Italian food at a quick and affordable price, but without sacrificing on quality. Perhaps one day it will become a real venture, but for now the idea is tabled (no pun intended). Managerial economics was one of those classes I started out understanding very well, as it is math-based, and then about midway through the semester it turned for the worst. We began discussing this concept called “game theory” and for those of you who know/understand it, you can sympathize with my pain, for those who are unaware, STAY THAT WAY. I really enjoyed my professor, however. He is a very well-educated Italian man, who had a sarcastic sense of humor but genuinely cared for his students. I’ve complained plenty about the professional development classes, yet I’ve found this fourth and final one to be a little reminiscing. As I am approaching graduation (which I’ll discuss in my next paragraph) I’m beginning to reflect a lot about my last five years in the magical land called UCF.

So, speaking of the darned topic, graduation. Summer 2018. For real. No more delays. I’m taking 4 classes this upcoming spring, three in the summer, then I’ll be walking across the stage, at long last… I’m not sure what comes after August, however. I want to take some time off to reflect and vegetate, to be honest. But, knowing myself, I would be so bored. Anyhoo, we will walk together as I strive for this sweet victory, assuming I stay active here, you will know how my future unfolds as it does.

Moving onwards, family is still great, boyfriend is still good. Bruno (the Weiner dog) is still great, although he has a case of the fleas currently. Luis and I went to Cuba in August, which I owe you a post about, I know.

My goal is to majorly restructure my site, but till then, Tata.


Much love,




Summer Daze

So. I’m back again. Pinky promise I’ll start writing more (I probably won’t, but here’s to trying). There’s something so fun about writing to me. The boyf and I just finished Jane the Virgin on Netflix (which I’ve watched for two years now). If you’ve never seen the show, first off, watch it! It’s a telenovela about a girl accidentally artificially inseminated and her struggles and triumphs from there on (all while making fun of telenovelas). The main character, Jane, is a writer, and there is something so inspiring to me about watching her tackle her problems (so that I don’t spoil anything if you fancy watching later), while keeping up with her aspirations to be a novelist. Now, I’m not saying that I could ever be a novelist, because I suck at plot development and describing things concisely, so either the book would be random and/or I would spend a majority of my pages overcompensating for my lack of plot by describing things. All-in-all, it would culminate in a horrible book. I’ll stick with blogging my innumerous thoughts and ambitions to you, reader, I suppose.

Life right now… Let’s talk.

  • Still waiting tables? yes. Loving it? most days. Last talk I was working at a British Pub in Orlando, well, I have news for you! I received a job at a nice restaurant at Disney World (I know, how, right?). Which has been pretty cool. It’s a seafood/steakhouse restaurant with a lot of randomly delicious dishes. I’m continually impressed with the culinary talent, I gotta tell ya. Our prices are a little expensive, which is good for the waitstaff: higher checks = higher tips. But our guests/customers get such a great value for their money. All but 1 item of our seafood selection comes in fresh daily, including 700 lobsters daily (did I mention it’s a huge restaurant)? And our steaks are aged for 40-50 days. Yummy. The only real downside to the job is that most of the restaurant is outside, and since I’m newer I get a lot of outside shifts. I’m doing OK with that, the real issue is the heat, and it’s Floridian counterpart: dinnertime rains.
  • School. So, I ended up not taking summer classes. Why? Idk. I didn’t want to. I mean, I started my new job and wanted to focus on that. Also just because sometimes you need to take a mental break to relax and do nothing for a while. Recharging the battery so to speak. It’s July 12th, I resume my education on August 21st, which. I’m not very excited about, but what else can I do? My semester ended up turning out good, yay, and now I’m just excited to be finished with school!
  • Bouncing off of that, I still have no idea what I’m doing when/if I finish, but I still have an interest in banking. I love office/desk jobs, because I like having my own space. Banking would be cool because of the hours and getting to talk to people all the time would energize me (most days). But, until I get the D (infer: diploma), I’ll be serving, and even after I get the D (again, infer: diploma), I still might be serving, and that’s ok too.
  • I rescued a dog during my spring break, which is kind of hilarious. I say rescued, but really I just bought him from a bunch of cubans on craigslist. He’s a two-year old dachshund (Weiner dog), who came crate-trained and potty-trained! He’s super cute and cuddly and loves to go for walks. I would say there is a funny-downside about him though, and that is that he doesn’t understand English commands. Living with people who spoke Spanish at home, he only knows commands and popular things to yell at dogs (food, water, come, fetch, sit, etc) in Spanish. The boyf is cuban and speaks perfect Spanish, so it all works out, I suppose. More of a reason for me to practice, right?

    Our dog, Bruno
  • Speaking of the boyf, ugh, he’s incredible. We’ve been together for a year now, which is a little crazy, and we had such an incredible time for our anniversary. So, firstly, we’re the most impatient people ever. We had our gifts for each other 2 weeks prior to our actual anniversary. This mofo was so impatient (because he picked out a drone that I got for him), and he wanted it ASAP, so he got it 2 weeks prior to our actual date, but it’s FINE…. I mean he did spoil me with an Apple Watch, so I guess we’re square. On our actual anniversary (which was a Thursday) we decided to have a beach day. For the whole year we’ve been together we’ve been talking about going to the beach, and we finally did it! We went to New Smyrna Beach (my favorite on the east coast FL), drank a whole 12-pack of Corona before 1:30PM (sorry, not sorry), swam a lot (I lost my sunglasses in the ocean RIP), and went to a bar on the beach too. Later that day, once we got home, we napped, then he took me to Outback for dinner (cue: aweeee). All-in-all, super fun day. But the real celebration was the next night….
  • I’ve always wanted to try the Capital Grille (read: fine dining steakhouse, next to the  British bar I worked at). So, me being in charge of planning things, I decided we were going to go there for a dinner. In our reservation, I noted that it was our anniversary, but didn’t expect the awesome treatment we got. We walked up to our booth and the tablecloth had been sprinkled with these little heart-shaped sequence  things and we had a hand-written note thanking us for celebrating with The Capital Grille. I ordered a glass of merlot and then the eatin’ began! We started with a calamari & the lobster/crab cakes. For our second course, we ordered a caprese salad with a 15-year aged balsamic vinegar (because it sounds fancy + I wanted to try it). For our entrees, I had a bone-in Ribeye, and Luis had a bone-in New York Strip with a wild caught, South African Lobster Tail (doesn’t that sound fancy?). Oh, forgetting to mention we also shared a side of truffle fries, which are just regular fries tossed in a truffle (rare mushroom) oil and some grated cheese and parsley on top, definitely recommend giving them a try, even if you’re not a mushroom fan. When we asked for our bill, we were given a dessert sampler and two free glasses of champagne to end the evening on a high note. It was lovely, food, service, and ambiance completely. If I do restaurants forever, I want to work somewhere like Capital Grille because of the sheer awesomeness of the experience!
    Table decs
    Table Decorations + our card from Capital
    Delicious Calamari
    Lobcrab Cakes
    Lobster & Crab Cakes
    Bone-in Ribeye
    Bone-in NY Strip with Porcini Rub & Lobster tail + Truffle Fries

    Anniversary Dessert Sampler + champagne toast


This is the part of Jane the Virgin where the narrator ends the recap of what’s happened so far, and let’s the story carry out as it will, and I’m thinking it’s the same for me.


Till next time, friends.





Cue 2017

Wow. More than a year since my last post, haha. Life has a way of making you get busy and forget things that you don’t see or do regularly. My life has changed so much over the past year, and I’m super excited to tell you about it!


SO. First things first, school. Though always being a struggle, I can finally say that the light is at the end of the tunnel and I’m almost finished (YAAAASSSS). I’m supposed to graduate this spring, because that’s my 4-year sentence, however, because of bad behavior I won’t be graduating until December. BUT IM ALMOST THERE!! I have 4 classes this semester, Business Law, International Business, Supply Chain Management, and my 3rd professionalism class. I’ll be in school full-time this summer, and full-time in Fall, but then I’ll be walking across the stage, yikes. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be doing after, but I’m super excited to be done, and I’ll figure it out later.


Work life has been interesting too. So last year at this time I was working for Longhorn as a Host and was an RA for UCF Housing. Flash forward to now, I’m a server at a British-inspired Pub on International Drive. So, kind of an interesting turn of tides, but also very exciting. I’m living in a house now, I moved out of my apartment on campus. But, back to the Pub. So this place has a killer beer/wine/liquor menu, an awesome happy hour, and a pretty decent food menu too. I’ve been there for coming up on one year. I make pretty killer money, at least $500 a week. Some weeks more, rarely less. Being in college, this is pretty awesome; I can go make most of my bills in 2-3 days of working. I’m really looking forward to becoming a bartender and learning more than I know about drinking from that position, which hopefully will be coming soon. I’ll keep you posted with updates!


As far as life goes, I’m overall pretty happy. I have a great man in my life, good friends, my family is the same as always, financial stability. It works. For my blog, I’d like to start by posting more, as I need some sort of self-accountability platform and encouragement from fans (lol, my dog and I are the only readers, and he doesn’t speak English). Oh well, I’ll figure it out.


Till then, Tata for now.


All my happiness to you, reader


Oops its 2016, sorry followers!

Wow another year gone and a lot of blog posts not written, haha. Whoops! In any case, Happy New Year!!!! I can’t believe it’s 2016 already. This year is going to be an awesome one, folks, one for the books!


This year I turn 21 years old (actually in 2 weeks, yikes)! And boy it is going to be a mess. My friends and I are planning on celebrating my 21st at one of the local UCF bars called ‘Knight’s Pub’ aka Pub. I, being organized and a planner, made a Facebook event for it called “Brandon’s 21st Black Out or Back Out” (sorry mom). I think it’s going to be a ton of fun and I’m super excited to ring in a new year of life with some of my amazing friends, old and new. But, like always, I’m just excited for my birthday dinner haha. I think this year I want to go downtown and eat on a new lakeside restaurants that I like a lot. Even though all of the little gnats annoy me there’s something about lakeside restaurants that just make you feel hella classy. I’m thinking 310 Lakeside, but I will fill y’all in later! Unless I forget again…… Anyways.

School starts this coming Monday and I am so not in the mood to go back. Part of me wants to be done with college with a real job but the rest realizes the struggle of finishing up my degree and enjoying the remainder of college is a must also. This past semester I did pretty well. My study habits improved a lot and I got really good grades which made me really excited. I know that Finance/Business/Stuff is what I’m supposed to do. I’ve actually narrowed down my career path to 3 different areas: Banking, Financial Advising, and (believe it or not) Restaurants. Banking and Financial Advising would give me that 9-5 Mon-Fri feel that I want, and would also make me feel super professional, but I think Restaurants are where my passion is. Though I have a large passion for helping people too. My plan for right now is to just get as much experience in each of the 3 areas as I can and I’ll figure my life out based on who gives me a job after college, right?

But, speaking of work, I have so much to talk about! So, after about 2.5 years of working for housing I’ve decided to move on from being an RA (resident assistant for those of you just tuning in), because it consumes too much of my time and does not pay me enough money. This Spring Semester is going to be my last, and I’m quite alright with that.

So, what have you been doing for money, you ask? I’ve been working as a Host (or what they call a Service Assistant) at LongHorn Steakhouse, which has been a lot of fun and something that I definitely look forward to during my day. I think working in a restaurant (even though I’m bottom of the totem pole), gave me the assurance that I could handle being a restaurant manager or work corporate and it would be something I enjoy AND care about. But, with everything else in my life, we’ll see what plays out.

I applied for a bank teller job a few weeks ago at a local Wells Fargo and I heard back saying that they would like to interview me, which is hella exciting because Bank Tellers make a ton of money (like double minimum wage, almost) and that would give me banking experience to see if I could work in that environment. I hope to god it works out because that money and experience would be so valuable to me developing professionally, which is something that I’m working on in 2016! I also am waiting to hear back from a Financial Advising internship that I’ve applied for but we shall see what happens with that. I reached out to one of my Fraternity’s alumni (who works for the same company), but I don’t think it was to much avail. That’s okay though, some things in life you have to work for. I’ll end up where I need to be, god willing.

Cheers to 2016 and something amazing happening for all of us!

Love always,


Spring Semester 2015

Wow, the Spring semester has come and gone, and what a rough one it was! Where do I begin…

Well, at the beginning of the semester I began working as a Resident Assistant for UCF’s Tower 3 Community. It has been such a blessing to work on this staff, y’all.. This team is so dedicated to serving the residents and inspire me to be a better employee, student, and person every day. One thing I like about working in Tower 3 versus the more freshmen communities (where I worked before in an overnight role), is that I hardly received any phone calls in the middle of the night, and very rarely did we have any incidents! It’s been a dream. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to have some fun during our awesome programs too. One of the programs we did was an alcohol-awareness event. It was my job to walk around the room roofying (indicated by stickers on the bottoms of residents’ cups) our residents, which was funny! I got caught a few times, but all-in-all it was great to teach the resies about watching their drinks (they had water). In addition to that, we had an Earth Day program, which I got to DJ at! Woot woot! Can you say party?

This summer and continuing into Fall and Spring of this coming year, I’ll be staying in Tower 3 which I’m looking forward to. A few people on my staff had to move communities after being here for a long time, which made me sad 😦 But I know that we’ll be friends even though we won’t see each other like this past semester. #optimism, right?

Pi Kapp did really well during recruitment this semester, I believe! My Rush Crush joined another fraternity, sadly, but it’s all good! I’m really proud of our noobies and am excited for Fall recruitment. I really think I want a little brother this coming fall, but we shall see! Sadly, my big brother, Peter, graduated this semester and is now an alumni of our chapter. He graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and is now working at a hotel! He’s doing phenomenal and posts every other day about someone complementing his quality customer service. 🙂 Soon, I think I’m going to be trying to put together a summer recruitment schedule for the guys and see if we can attract a group of Summer B freshmen. Furthermore, I might look at running for a position on executive council for fall15-fall16 but we’ll see.

School was a little rough this semester. My classes pretty much sucked, and I realized that Political Science is not what I want to be doing with my life, or ever. I also retook a Chemistry class which I unfortunately failed before, and it was actually my highest grade…. Needless to say I am now going to be pursuing a degree in something businessy. There are many tactical advantages to this. To name a few, it’s very practical, I can take my degree and do more things with a degree in business than I can in Political science, and also it works with the way my brain thinks. I’m a numbers-oriented guy (which  makes a ton of sense seeing as how my dad is an engineer), so it works out! This summer I’m taking 2 classes in Summer A and 2 classes in Summer B, which is going to be SO FUN -eye roll-

For Summer B I’d like to find another job in addition to my RA role, but we’ll see what happens with that. I think it would be cool to get a serving job somewhere, but I have no experience in the food industry, in fact, the only thing I really have going for me is my experience in customer service from my housing jobs. Fingers crossed, I will figure it out sometime soon.

Summer is going to be a blast. It’s going to be a lot of personal growth on my part, I hope. This upcoming weekend, I’ll be spending time in Tampa for Sunset Music Festival 2015, which is basically an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival for 2 days on Memorial Day weekend. I think we’re going to have an awesome time! I’m also really exciting to go to Ybor City in Tampa, which to my understanding is a district with a lot of different clubs and whatnot. We’re going to a gay club (which usually isn’t my ideal location), but I’m excited, regardless.

Also on my agenda this summer is to do a lot of exploring Orlando. I feel like there are so many things/places/stuff to do and see in this town that I haven’t experienced yet and I want to! Something on my summer bucketlist is to do the Slingshot on International Drive. I can’t wait! Also, I’d like to go to the beach a lot (a very summer thing to do here in Florida). Definitely going to be playing some tennis and volleyball, reading, video gaming, and spending time with my friends, family, and dogs. Can’t wait!

Founders Day 2014

110 Years ago on this day, my fraternity Pi Kappa Phi was founded. This past fall semester is when I crossed from associate to initiated member, and wow this is has been such a process. I am so honored to belong to a brotherhood which is active philanthropically and places such a heavy emphasis on the importance of leadership in the modern man.

Happy Founders Day, brothers. Redefining fraternity since 1904.

founders day 2014